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Hi, there, and thank you for inquiring about a Firefly Session!

My promise to is that you will walk away having made memories, and having enjoyed your family and our time together. In the photos, you will see dynamics that reflect your family and your specific personalities. My goal is to capture your family culture and love so big that it nearly jumps out of the image. :-) I cannot wait to make memories and to capture YOUR glow.    

The Firefly Session  covers three time investment options. Each time has a holding fee, which covers my time shooting. 

Please Note:  The packages and prints are sold separately and begin at $300. The Holding Fee is required at time of reservation.

20 minute session, $60 holding fee

Hey Mama, this is for your quick snap with everyone looking - and a few unexpected moments from our time together. 

1 hr sesssion,  $180

Give your family time to unwind a little and settle into their personalities. You will come out with a gorgeous selection of photos to choose from, highlighting the relaxed response and interaction that becomes available with a little more time.

2 hr session $360 holding fee

This is reserved for Home Sessions where you relax into the rhythm of your home. Are you drawn to candid photos? Have you ever had photos of you and your family doing your life together in your home - playing, relaxing, eating together, resting, reading, enjoying music or outside time? Do you cook? Do you enjoy a pipe in the evenings? Do you play the piano? How about helping your kids brush their teeth or reading to them? 

These are the rich fodder of life that is waiting to be captured inside your home. Even with the mess and imperfection you might be aware of, you'll be blown away by the beauty and wealth of goodness right under your house shoes. You and your family doing life together daily is much more powerful than you might think. 

4 hour Home Session $688

Allow yourself to relax into deep breaths. Allow the fits to happen. Allow yourself to know that there is so much beauty being captured that you are not even aware of. The collection you take away from this Home Session will absolutely floor and inspire you. My desire is to walk through the ups and downs of your day with you, observing, gathering the good from the day. As you see the photos that course like a stream from that day, my desire is that your hands be strengthened to the good work you're already doing. 

In the packages you'll receive  a mix of prints, enlargements and digital images. Firefly   packages are customized for delivering physical prints and enlargements to place in your hands, and hang on your walls. I know you'll love these prints and quality artwork in  your home!

Firefly Packages: 

Package A $668 

16x24 print

11x14 print

Five prints 8x10 or smaller

***ALL Digital images included in package***

Package B $498

11x14 print

Three prints 8x10 or smaller

Ten hi-res digital files

Package C $258 

8x10 print

Eight hi-res digital files

Digital Collection $558

Includes full collection of edited, hi-res images, an online gallery and access to download full gallery.

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Untitled photo
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